Responsible Investment

Responsible Investment is critical to creating and protecting long-term value at Stirling Square and in our portfolio companies

Stirling Square is committed to the integration of environmental, social and governance ("ESG") considerations at all stages of the investment process, from initial analysis, through our period of ownership, to exit.

Stirling Square's ESG Committee is responsible for ensuring the effective implementation, oversight and accountability for our Responsible Investment activities. Examples of material ESG impacts in our portfolio companies could include:


Waste and emissions management, packaging usage, water and energy efficiency


Health and safety, labour standards, employee engagement, diversity, training and development


Audit, risk management, business ethics, anti-bribery and corruption, cyber security and internal controls

Stirling Square is proud to be a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (“PRI”) and a member of Initiative Climat International (iCI).

Case Study: ESE World

ESE World is a leading European provider of plastic containers for waste collection and complementary services.

Raw material price volatility was defined as a key investment concern at the time of Stirling Square's original investment in 2010. Jointly with ESE, Stirling Square made significant R&D investments to develop new technologies to increase the usage of recycled High Density Polyethylene ("HDPE") in its containers.

At exit, ESE World was the industry's only player able to produce waste containers using 100% recycled HDPE. This unique capability positioned ESE World as an innovation and sustainability leader, while reducing the company's exposure to raw material price volatility and creating a sustainable cost advantage.

In 2016 ESE World was awarded the highly regarded "Blue Angel" certificate from the German Federal Environmental Agency for its sustainability-focused products and production. 

We are additionally committed to engaging with the community around us. Our partners include: