Cartonplast Group GmbH

Cartonplast Group GmbH is the leading global provider of plastic layer-pad closed loop logistic services used by the beverage, food and personal care products industries. The pads are accessed through closed-loop pooling systems for the safe and hygienic transportation of the containers used by these industries. With an owned fleet of c.38m plastic layer-pads, Cartonplast’ s unique and tightly-managed logistics platform offers rental, collection, cleaning, and re-delivery services to the primary container manufacturing industry. The company’s activities are widespread in geographic reach and highly complex in nature, operating 12 service centres in 9 countries, which deliver pads to 133 container manufacturers in 19 countries, which ultimately deliver plastic layer-pads stacked containers to 4,527 fillers in 20 countries; it is from these fillers that pads are then collected by Cartonplast for re-conditioning before further service. Cartonplast is headquartered in Dietzenbach, Germany and currently employs about 400 FTEs.